Best selling car accessories for girls

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Here is the list of best sellers from Amazon. Click on any of the product images or links to read more reviews or to buy them

Animal print carpet floor mats





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Our online store carries the cheapest and lowest priced car accessories for girls and for women. If you want to know who sells the best girly car accessories, then I would say you have to the right place. With our wide range of products, from car seats, to steering wheels, to license plate frames, there is enough variety regardless of what you want to buy. We also carry a wide range of branded characters including Hello Kitty, Disney’s Twinkle Bell and Princess, as well as Winnie the Pooh.

Sometimes, our store also offers discounts and special prices. If you want to be alerted when we have these car accessories for girls on sale, please bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feeds. In this way, when we offer coupon codes, or is having a sale, you can take advantage of our low prices for these high quality and best selling car accessories.

Girly purple fluffy car seat cover

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We are now having a promotion in our online store for purple fluffy car seat cover. Our store focuses on only car accessories for girls so if you are looking for something for your self or for your girlfriends or daughters, you might want to broswse through more items, click the link below.

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purple fluffy car seat cover This beautiful set of purple car seats is on sale. With more than 50% discount, you can buy this at a price of lower than USD30. If you are interested to buy it, simply click on the image to your left.

This car seat cover is very easy to install. You simply have to slide it on. Once installed, it will look terrific. If you think the color might too loud, you will reverse your thinking once you see how it make your car stand out from the rest of your friends.

These car seat covers look very cute. Most of the other colors you come across are either black or grey. This is one of the rare models where it is bright and looks different from the rest.

This car seat cover is suitable for most cars including Honda, Nissan and Toyota. They fit in well and will not look baggy. Take a look at this discounted car seat. You will not be disappointed.

Ford mustang animal print seat covers

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Here is some of the cheapest and best animal print seat covers from our sponsor Amazon. They are being offered at amazing low prices and there is large variety to choose from. If you like to buy any of these animal print seat cover, please click on the product images. Alternative, you can


Pink zebra print car seat cover

zebra print car seat coverThis is the best selling animal print seat covers and it is hard not to see why. Customer reviews said that these look great for anyone who wants a little attention. They easy to install and are durable as well.


One of the customer love it so much. He claimed that this seat cover has caused another man to weep. If you like to read more of his review, you can click on the link above to go straight to Amazon.

Price wise, this is very cheap, costing less than USD40 buck for a twin seater covers. It can fit into both cars and trucks. However, do note that it will not fit into the following:

1. Molded head rest 2. oversize bench or subcompact rear seat * WILL DISABLE THE FOLLOWING FEATURE: 1. Individual sliding on split seats. When sliding is desire, both seat needs to slide together 2. Individual fold down on split seats. When folding down is require both seat need to be folded. 3. Middle seat should strap 4. Fold out center consol.

Leopard print car seat cover

leopard print car seat coverThis leopard print car seat cover is the second best selling item from Amazon. It is made from velour and has a urethane foam backing. The material has been treated to have anti fading coloring.

The material can also protect against spills, stains, dirt and other spillage. In you want to wash them , they are machine washable, making it easy for you to wash them.

It is designed to fit to any car seat. Be it with or without arm rest, with or without seat buckle, this car seat cover can accomodate them.

Buy license plate frames for girls

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We have revamped our site with a new look and with better car acccessories that both girls and women would like. Today, we will feature cute license plate frames for girls. If you want to see more images, CLICK this link now to go to our Amazon for more cheap prices and amazing deals.

Below are some of the best selling items that are selling for low prices. We gathered the best items here for you to browse and shop.

Hello Kitty Glitter License Plate Frame

License plate frames for girlsHello Kitty is a favorite among many young female drivers and it is little wonder that this is the best selling license plate frame in Amazon for girls. It costs under USD10 and you can buy it now by clicking on the image to your right.

In fact, there is a great deal right now. If you buy this frame along with a Hello Kitty Steering Wheel and stickers, the three items only cost less than USD25.

This frame is easy to install and can fit into all cars models as well as trucks. There is also free shipping as well if you live in the US. Take advantage of this now before the offer expires.

Zebra print license plate frames

Zebra print licence plate framesThis is also another favourite among girls. Zebra print car accessories in particular seem to be the preferred choice, be it car seat covers or as steering wheel covers.

The zebra print will make your car plate frame very noticeable even if it didn’t seem to be so in the images. It is easy to insall as well though they don’t come with screws so you will need to buy them separately.

The frames are very durable, and can easily last you for the life of your car. For the cheap price of under USD10, it is definitely worth the money.

Tinkerbell license plate frame

Tinkerbell licen plate framesFor Disney fans, this tinkerbell license plate frame is a must. The design is very outstanding, making very noticeable from anywhere. It looks much much better in person.

The license plate only comes in one so if you want to put the same plates at the front and back of your car, you need to buy two plates. For the price of only USD8.95, it is very cheap and affordable so buying two frames is definitely worth it.

Tweetybird license plate frame

Tweetybird license plate framesAnother favourite Disney character, the tweety bird license plate frame looks very cute and is something that a Disney fan will appreciate. It is priced at under USD10 as well, making it very affordable for teenagers.

If you are thinking of what to buy for your girlfriends, daughters or granddaughters for their birthdays, these cute looking license plate frames will make a great gift.